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You have found Iris’ homepage. It is probably not up to date, but maybe you can find something useful here anyway.

Iris works as a project scientist in the Sauter group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is focusing on two main projects right now, the (sp)ectral (re)solution of (a)nomalous (d)ispersion (SPREAD) project and the (exa)scale computing for X-ray (f)ree (e)lectron (l)aser diffraction experiments (ExaFEL) project. Essentially, these involve the development of new computational capabilities to meet instrumental demands such as the megahertz pulse rate of LCLS II and to leverage the awesome potential of these experiments.

Outside of the lab (and inside too), Iris is a coffee afficionado, student of various languages, avid reader, and companion to a very affectionate cat named Rory. When he has time he also enjoys aikido, pottery, cooking, and hiking. He is queer/trans/nonbinary and uses pronouns he/him, she/her, or they/them.

Iris is reachable at irisdyoung@gmail.com. He is also active on twitter and has some work on up github. Feature requests, bug reports, requests for troubleshooting help, wild ideas, and general inquiries welcome!

Fact: Iris is 70% coffee by volume.